Underground Sundae Header

A Donut Shop Celebration of Ice Cream!

Enjoy ice cream sundaes served atop freshly griddled handmade donuts. Also featuring specialty espresso drinks inspired by ice cream novelties, and Italian sodas. Enjoy our new space on campus and our freaking delicious mashups.

Ticket entitles bearer to one donut sundae of choice, one raffle entry, and one Italian soda (Italian soda may be surrendered for $1.50 off Novelty Espresso drinks)

All sundaes are served on a freshly griddle donut with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, a hot topping, and whipped cream. add rainbow sprinkles for free.
-Glazed donut with cherry pie filling
-Apple fritter with caramel
-Chocolate cake donut with fudge topping and chopped peanuts
Italian Sodas
All Italian sodas are served with half n half, club soda, and a flavor of your choice. add a scoop of vanilla ice cream for 1.00
-Real Cherry
-Cold Brew
Novelty Espresso Desserts
Cafe Affogato
Frozen Banana On a Stick
Milk and Honey