We want to give your group our leftover donuts for FREE!

We make fresh donuts by hand every single day. That means you’re never eating a day-old, and that we’re never waiting for the supply to run down again before we turn on a machine to print more. That also means that sometimes we make more than we need.

While our Hilliard bakery has been around for ten years and is known for selling out early, our brand new storefront on Lane Avenue is still not quite sure what to expect each day. We often have an excessive number of donuts on the racks at close.

Avoiding food waste is important to us. We use sophisticated inventory tracking software to recognize sales trends and adjust our daily production numbers, but until we’ve been open long enough for the data to paint us a picture, we want to get our perfectly good donuts out into the world at the end of the day (and not in trash bags).

That’s where you come in! Sign your group up for a chance to win free donuts every day. At 3PM we assess our stock and contact an appropriately sized group at random. If you’re interested, a representative of your organization can arrive any time between 3PM and 4PM to pick up as many donuts as they please. We are happy to share up to four dozen free donuts, and offer a reduced rate on any additional dozens.