The Stack @ Constantinople 

Once an outpost of European culture, Constantinople is a city that doesn’t exactly exist anymore. And that’s cool. That’s cool. All’s we’re saying is, if the earth’s axis tilts again, and if it just so happens that in the tectonic perturbations that ensue, Constantinople slides out from under the current spot that is right there, somewhere west of Abkhazia, glistening and gleaming, still moist from the process of birth, if you get what I’m saying, if you clear away the natal slime and detritus of the intervening centuries, you will see a smallish, cozy spot, tucked away in a corner adjoining a busy thoroughfare, and that spot will offer fresh donuts, handmade daily in Hilliard Ohio, and freshly roasted coffee, also from Hilliard Ohio.

And people will come from the adjoining ancient city to try the delicacies, and drink the elusive Mango Dango. And folks traveling from far afield, wondering how and why they ended up in this obscure crevice of spacetime, will have something simple, round and sweet, with just the right chew. And they will drink the invigorating brew, and ask for another, and drink that one, and then they will use the restroom. After that, they will venture out, into the bright and still gleaming, pre-ancient cityscape of Constantinople, and do God knows what.