So what’s your deal?

The Stack offers handmade, fresh daily donuts, and imports coffee beans from all over the world that are locally blended and roasted in small batches. We’re really proud of our products and we don’t put our name on anything less than delicious. But that’s just half of it. We give a damn too. The Stack is not a large chain that has the benefits of brand recognition to help it succeed in its new home. We don’t have massive corporate training budgets or high gloss advertisements in magazines. All we have is a small team of talented, dedicated individuals working side by side each day to execute our vision of what a store like ours could be for a city like Columbus. We are fair, transparent, and community minded. We make a limited selection of indisputably delicious goods, and we show up every day to put it on the line and show you what we’ve got.


What about your Hilliard location? You aren’t leaving are you?

To our friends in Hilliard—NO OF COURSE WE AREN’T! Our location in Hilliard, which houses our bakery and coffee roaster, is an integral part of our new operation. It’s where all of the production of our donuts and coffee happens, and we are not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. So rest easy Hilliard, and thank you a million times over for years and years of relationships, successes, laughter and support.


So you don’t make your donuts on site? How can you call them handmade fresh daily?

Because they are. After almost a decade, we know that making many hundreds of pounds of donuts a day is a tall order. It takes plenty of space, specialized equipment, and above all else, time. Because of this, many larger companies produce, freeze, and ship their products great lengths before the donut even touches a human’s hand, let alone reaches the mouth of the consumer. Our donuts are made eight miles away from our Lane Avenue storefront each day, in Hilliard, by a handful of people, and are delivered at the peak of freshness way before the sun rises. They’re just as fresh as the ones sold in our bakery every morning.


You say your coffee is local. Where does your coffee come from?

You can grow coffee in Ohio, but you wouldn’t want to. “Local Coffee” refers to our Hilliard roasting location where our roast master Tim Hofmann roasts blends and single origin coffees from all over the world. We roast all of the coffee for three independently owned shops in Hilliard, each one with unique house blends that are exclusive to the storefront.

“Local Coffee” also refers to a “Whoever said we couldn’t?” approach to drink making and recipe creation. Our creations come from the minds of real people who handle our coffee every day, not from extensive reports about consumer trends produced by our on staff data analysts. We don’t have any of those. While we are always serving the staples, we encourage you to get weird with it. Try something new, it never  rarely hurts.

I already have a place I get my donuts near campus. Why should I give your place a shot?

The short answer—Nowhere else near our spot on Lane Avenue offers the same quality of donuts and coffee all under one roof. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other, and you shouldn’t have to make two stops.


What do you offer?

Our selection of donuts varies from day to day. We always offer key varieties like glazed, jelly, Boston cream, etc. but we love sending new novelties out of our bakery too. We carry a greater variety and volume as we get closer to the weekend, and if you’re ever craving something specific, specialty preorders are never an inconvenience.

Our coffee shop has a similar approach. Just a plain old regular cup of our black coffee is delicious and available all the time. Our cappuccinos can hold their own. Anything you might want, we’re happy to make you. But expanding beyond the classics gives us a different kind of clout. Our menu is designed to appeal to all sorts of coffee proclivities, and our workers aren’t going to shame you for not knowing what something is. On the contrary, we love to talk about our drinks.


Do you have any allergen friendly options?

Our coffee shop is happy to carry non-dairy milk options. Ask for soy or almond milk, and be sure to let us know if you have an allergy—we will take extra precautions to care for your beverage.

In the future it would delight us to be able to serve our donuts to a larger population, but at our current scale we cannot guarantee that any of our donuts are free of major allergens. Like we mentioned above, making donuts takes space and specialized equipment. There is too much flour around the bakery constantly for us to produce a gluten free option with any level of confidence, and our tried and true recipes demand eggs and dairy. As for peanuts and treenuts, we endeavor to prevent cross contamination when handling peanuts and peanut butter, but it is always possible that some level of contact occurred at some point in production.


How can we connect with you if we have more questions?

Message us on facebook or instagram and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Or, if you're feeling like it'a 1999, give us a call at (614) 824. 1977

Want to stay in the loop?

We use social media to show off our daily offerings, communicate extended hours, offer special discounts, and plenty more.